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Dream And Paradigm (featured image)


Welcome back to On Our Radar, a music feature where the team at Reform select their hottest tracks of the week. This week we’re visiting the revival of Electroclash, Psychadellic Jazz and Dub to name a few.


The forefront of the genre Electroclash – a smorgasbord of New Wave and Electro – French DJ Miss Kittin is back with another joint album with The Hacker. It’s been over a decade since the pair released any music together, but it was worth the wait. Track ’19’ is effortlessly cool, filtered with electro-pop to get you moving throughout. As for the rest of the album, go listen and find out for yourselves!


We’re bringing this tune back just in time for summer. This fast-paced Jungle Dub compound was released on the back of the Netherlands label, Cat In The Bag Records, back in 2021. Intoxicated with ominous Dub echoes and catchy chords, we can only imagine how this one would bang on a Sinai Sound System. If you’re a fan of having your morning cuppa with a splash of energy, these two tracks won’t disappoint.


Attention all. Shawn Lee and Misha Panfilov have just released a whopper of an album on the Estonian label Misha Panfilov Sound Combo. What could be better than 18 tracks of pure Psychedelic Jazz you say? The track names, of course! Ranging from ‘Hams Zimmerframe’ to ‘The Shawn Shank Redemption’, it’s hinted that the pair don’t take themselves too seriously which is truly refreshing. Jumping between heavy grooves one minute, infectious percussion and simmering atmospheric tones the next, you’ll be hooked from the first track.


Washington based underground label Dubfire has released a tech-heavy album in an effort to support Ukraine. With over 44 contributing artists ranging from the UK, India, Dominican Republic, Japan, Turkey and Russia to name a few. All sale profits will be donated to the International Rescue Committee which is working to support displaced families.


Portuguese songstress ELLES releases her debut album ‘A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Life’, a story of leaving your mundanities at the office on Friday, to entering the more extreme land of clubbing and its ramifications over the weekend. Written at a time when clubs were shut, ELLES describes the album as a ‘love-letter’ to these community spaces, shown through beautiful displays of synesthetic lyrics and melodic incantations.

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