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Welcome back to On Our Radar, a music feature where the team at Reform select their hottest tracks of the week. This week we’re showing off some dancey anthems, complex Jazz fusions and abstract madness – we hope you enjoy!


Abstract multi-instrumentalist, Quinn Oulton, just released a debut album on DeepMatter Records, and it’s worth checking out. The narrative of the album is intrinsically emotive, telling the tale of Quinn’s experience with friends, family and relationships as a young male, disecting emotions such as “obsession, frustration, passion, false hope, grief, self-pity, helplessness, and acceptance are all part of this story”. Expressing himself through music, Alexithymia is a journey of emotional acceptance. In describing his sound, Quinn comments that he thinks “men, struggle to recognise and process their own emotions”, so in composing, he finds a way to bridge this emotive gap.


Hailing from East Coast America, BRC Vol 2 is a celebration of genres like House, Techno, Jungle, Baile Funk, Jersey club, Dancehall – the ones you hear booming in a club, with choppy beats and stabbing chords. This album celebrates the legacy of black electronic artistry, as alluded too in the album title, put together collectively by D.C supergroup consisting of Amal, DJ Nativesun and James Bangura.


Celebrating twenty-eight years on from Orbital’s track Are We Here?, from the EP ‘Snivilisation’, Shanti Celeste pulls through with a club-heavy remix. It’s quite the challenge remixing a song, or artist, of such excellence, and doing it well. Here, Peach Discs’ co-founder re-invents the tune with effortlessly catchy rhythm. Soon after its release in January it was recognised by music media platforms such as DJ Mag, commenting on the songs energetic appeal.


Disco masterpiece Afraid To Feel brings a funky melody, saxophone and vocals to the table just in time for festival season. We hit up Parklife Festival this weekend and of course this tune made it’s first appearances on the D floor. An epic blend to come off Warner Records. We’ll be playing this on repeat for the foreseeable future…


The californian Jazz musician that is Billy Mohler has just collaborated with three other instrumentalists, forming a quartet for Anatomy. Infused with moody, ominous tones and menacing bassline’s, the four piece collaboration consisting of the bass, drums, tenor sax and trumpet is receiving rave reviews from fans and new-listeners alike, setting themselves in a league of their own.

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