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Takeover w Ceeow (featured image)2

Reform Selects

Listen back to a selection of highlighted shows from the past week picked by Reform Radio Team.

The Takeover w/ Dementira (Discos Pegaos)

Ariel Altamirano, founder of Discos Pegaos and the name behind Dementira, has worked for over 15 years as a DJ and producer related to electronic, Hip-Hop and independent music. Always moving into vertices where genres cross, his work is distinguished for a personal approach in the creation of urban and electronic beats, where the influence of South American music takes more and more prominence.

The Takeover w/ Sharnie

Sharnie was in the mix for a 2 hour journey through deep electronic, bass heavy sounds – expect UKG, percussive Breaks, Dubstep, Jungle and more.


Zeyla is a shape shifting multi genre who doesn’t limit herself to one sound. She was raised on Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, Electronic, Deep House, Latin, Funk, and anything that her parents deemed fly enough to blast through the speakers. Her mixes are influenced heavily by her external environment and she loves digging for samples and creative ways of telling a story through her sound. Each show will be a sign of the times and no show will be the same.


Spicy selections & high grade chatter from Manchester’s underground & beyond.

The Takeover w/ Ceeow and the GreensKeepers Band

Ceeow & The GreensKeepers Band played their first gig last July at MIF main stage. Since they have played at Jazz Cafe, BBC Introducing Live, Matt & Phreads as well an array of other music venues and festivals. Ceeow and The GreensKeepers‘ Reform show aims to provide the soundtrack to life in sonics with ups, downs and everything in between.

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