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Get Started with Radio (Liverpool)

Get Started with Radio (Liverpool) is a week-long workshop designed to provide digital skills to young people in its respective area, notably of course from their homes which has provided a new dimension of learning for all involved.

In light of this our support Lead, Adam Seymour, remarked that “within five days a group of strangers have done so well to unite during lockdown to create a show packed full of really important and prevalent issues”.

Free Sound Artists

Funded by The Prince’s Trust

A colourful Wave of creativity comes all the way from the North-west of England right to your ears! With the support of the Prince’s Trust and Reform Radio, Young people from the Lancashire and Liverpool area have created an avant-garde series of mini-podcasts that deal with a whole range of relevant topics for today’s society.

Their creations take on the inspiring challenge of creating a demo of a Podcast during lockdown– which was put forward by BBC Radio 1’s Dj, Podcast-explorer, and Radio genius Annie Mac. The result is knitted together in this special with an interview with the Podcast Producer and Radio personality Louise Mason.

Hope For Health

In partnership & funded by NHS at 70, The Prince’s Trust and The National Lottery

A group of young people have put together their own original content surrounding the themes of the NHS and mental & physical health. Expect original music, discussions lead by members of the group, interactions with the people of Liverpool and spoken word inspired by the NHS.

Homes Without Borders

Funded by The Prince’s Trust

A group of young creatives in Liverpool have put together a show packed full of original music, informative podcasts and debates surrounding the topics of leaving home.

Scouse Takeover

Funded by The Prince’s Trust

In the Scouse Takeover, expect interesting discussions on Scouse slang alongside exclusive interviews with Liverpool talent who also showcased their new music.

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