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HERchester Up North: Lyrical and MCing workshop in Manchester, Sheffield, Blackpool & Morecambe

HERchester is a Manchester based female rap collective creating a community for female emcees at all levels.

HERchester Up North is a creative writing workshop focusing on MCing and lyrical writing techniques. Following the successful taster workshop that took place in Morecambe on the 22nd July, HERchester Up North workshops will be also taking place in 3 other Northern cities; Manchester, Blackpool and Sheffield.

In Morecambe, the workshop will be taking place 5:30PM – 7:30PM every Thursday from the 5th August to the 16th September at More Music.

Manchester’s HERchester workshops will be an 8 week course starting on the 10th August. The 2 hour workshop will start at 6:30, and will be held at Reform Radio.

Taking place every Thursday from the 5th August to the 16th September from 1:30PM – 3:30PM, Blackpool’s HERchester workshop’s will be held at House of Wings.

Sheffield’s HERchester workshops will be taking place 3PM – 5PM every Tuesday from the 10th August to the 28th September at Plot 22.

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