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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 – a 7-day initiative to help prevent mental health problems in the UK. In alignment with this, we thought it would be a good time to share with you our new audio-video project, ‘Am I Living Right?’.

Brought to fruition by our own Aisha Williams, ‘Am I Living Right?’ is a self-presented audio-video series. It records Aisha’s freeing journey informed by an overwhelming influence of social media. Our host takes the audience along with her through experiences of dating, ice baths, and more, to seek out the answer to her question.

Nowadays, those of us in our twenties are bombarded on social media with content which tells us how to live our best lives, how to to make the most of our twenties, and how to become the best version of ourselves… The information overload leaves you asking ‘am I living right?’.

Aisha Williams, ‘Am I Living Right?’ Presenter

We are proud to kickstart the series with our pilot episode out today. Join Aisha to look into cold water therapy and how the internet boasts it can change people’s lives. In the episode, Aisha is joined by her friend come TikTok content creator, HUMZ. The duo took to the banks of Chorlton Water Park for an ice bath. Meanwhile, they discussed how daily baths have positively impacted HUMZ’s mental health, alongside building an online cold water therapy community. Following this, more guests join Aisha for a fresh cold water dip, alongside chatting about modern-day self-care practices such as yoga, and meditation.

‘I would definitely do something like [a cold water dip] again. It felt like I was having an out of body experience and all I could think about was focusing on what I was doing. I needed to ground myself and be present in that moment to get through it.’

Ebony, guest on the ‘Am I Living Right?’ pilot episode

Intertwining our values of youth culture and well-being, this episode delves straight into the pressures of how young people are told to live their lives. However, Aisha brings a realistic approach to such conversations, welcoming audience to turn inwards and explore their own well-being practices. On Mental Health Awareness Week, we invite you to do the same. Now is the perfect time to think about what makes you feel good. If you don’t know where to start, maybe Aisha will inspire you with some of her discussions in this episode.

Check out the full pilot episode of ‘Am I Living Right?’ above.

Although we didn’t have the funds to complete the full series, we have hopes of doing so one day. If you think you can help make this happen, please get in touch with us on our social media or join us as a paying member of Reform Radio to support our work here.

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