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Bandcamp Friday

Bandcamp Friday was initiated in March 2020, when Bandcamp waived their revenue share in order to help artists and labels impacted by the pandemic.

The initiative is still ongoing and for this month’s Bandcamp Friday we would like to shout about the releases from our residents.

Ad Hoc Records

High Rise / By Day by Hermanito

With ‘High Rise’, Hermanito reworks samples from Werkha (Brownswood; Tru Thoughts) taking us on a crafted journey through his Latin American and Jazz influences, keeping one foot in the past with his sample of live instruments whilst exploring modern lo-fi chillhop beats.

On ‘By Day’ Hermanito blends his contemporary dream-like beats with signature guitar work and world music samples to create a track that stretches across cultures.

Dulcet Panoply by Nymad

With layers upon layers of arpeggiated synth and modulating rhythms reminiscent of Ostgut Ton’s Barker, ‘Some Sun’ makes you picture a utopian world at sunrise – a psychedelic, ambient autumn anthem.

Ruskin by Notchyy

This captivating blend of field recordings and bouncing, elasticated synthesis makes a sonic escape like no other. As the nights begin to draw in, here is contemplative deep house that’ll take you from dark to dawn; its masterful simplicity is the indisputable sound of clouds parting.

Priceless Bodies

Oort Clod / Priceless Bodies – Split EP by Alphaville Records

A-Side – Oort Clod

Oort Clod is a Manchester based five-piece band, whose blend of indie pop/rock, post-punk and kiwi-pop is both timely and timeless.

Rather than anything distinctly Mancunian, Oort Clod sounds more like Australian contemporary indie music.

B-Side – Priceless Bodies

Priceless Bodies are a Manchester based lo-fi project consisting of twin sisters Viv & Bianca Pencz. The duo have created their own musical vision with a multidisciplinary approach, and playing everything from new wave and no wave to post-disco from the ’70s and ’80s..

Their new EP, mastered by Oort Clod’sMatt Fortunati, is an eclectic exploration of working-class & female-forward living, with references to mental health, Soviet heritage, and American New Wave cinema all coalesced into a sound uniquely theirs: guitar, analogue synth, sampling, and idiosyncratic percussion – from sleigh bells to kitchen knives – are all incorporated.

Marco Woolf

Francine, i by Marco Woolf, Phlexx Records

Over the last 3 years, Malawian-born singer-songwriter Marco Woolf has developed a penchant for storytelling, at most of his live performances the audience has come to expect strange and intriguing poetic anecdotes.

Statik (Battlestart Mancunia)

SGMNT by Statik

Statik aka El Statiko is an eclectic DJ from Manchester playing genres including Hip Hop, Bass, Jungle, Funk, Disco and Breaks. Statik is a six-time UK Turntablist champion and has competed in international competitions (IDA and DMC) since 2013. When performing, Statik likes to marry technical skill with musicality and uses a variety of equipment and production softwares to manipulate music live.  

Imaginary Part

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is Imaginary Part debut LP. The Italian producer takes inspiration from a mathematical notion via his alias, as in mathematics complex numbers are made from a real part and an imaginary part. Imaginary Part is an escape from reality, taking inspiration from ambient, downtempo and abstract soundtracks.

Quantum Index

The 4 tracks of Quantum Index are inspired by the contemporary experimental electronic music scene happening in the UK and have a strong sci-fi direction. Using a combination of digital and modular equipment Imaginary Part creates a work of the highest elegance.

Mind EP

Mind EP is an immersive sound experience into three states of the mind : Strike, Pressure and Release.

Jack Duckham (Secret Night Gang)

Mr Mustard

Mr Mustard is the lovechild of Ruben Sheridan (Hunrosa, Lovescene) and Jack Duckham (Secret Night Gang, Lovescene). Together they make experimental noises under the mantra “vibes over quality”, though their jazz, hip-hop and electronic-inspired duo has excelled at delivering both.

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