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DJ Sessions project just came to an end, bringing together the budding stars and DJs of Manchester. If you’re not familiar with DJ Sessions, it’s a week-long practical workshop followed by two weeks of employment and well-being support, kindly funded by MAES

Orchestrated by Joe Roche, a Manchester-based DJ, Producer and Record label owner, alongside the legendary Maule , the duo set out to teach the young people of Manchester how to tackle the decks. 

Meet Mia, a Ukrainian musician and aspiring DJ who joined the project in the hope of gaining new skills: “my father was a musician, so I’ve loved music since my childhood. I wanted to join DJ sessions as it’s a great opportunity and I’m interested in music, I like to be able to do everything, so I think DJing is cool in that retrospect”. 

Mia’s style is pretty eclectic and she likes playing genres such as Old School Hip Hop and R&B, as well as modern R&B, Hip Hop and Disco, commenting that she likes “a lot of kinds of music”. When asked what her goals for the week were, she said: “I would like to continue DJing after the course finishes and really improve on myself, and maybe get a job where I can DJ”.

Luckily for Mia and the rest of the group, our facilitators had invited a host of promoters to watch the showcase at the end of the week and offer them opportunities to play out in Manchester. The participants carefully selected a tracklist to WOW the audience of promoters and Reform turned into a club for the day, with beats echoing through the studio and beyond. We can’t wait for the next instalment of DJ Sessions in June! 

If you are keen to get your hands on decks or have any questions about this or our other projects, drop us an email at

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