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The first Music Course of 2022 just wrapped up. For those unfamiliar, it’s a two-week radio and music production course, with opportunities to make your own radio show or delve into songwriting and creative writing. This workshop is kindly made possible by the lovely people at Manchester Adult EducationService.

Encouraging creativity and a safe space to do so is at the heart of what our workshops are all about. With the realms of radio and music being explored, we set out to find out what creative ventures the group had set for post-music-course life. 

Manchester-born Andy came to the project with a distinctive area of interest and expertise: the Vikings. During the project, he worked on a soundscape inspired by the Vikings, recording his own vocals and a speech from Ragnar Lodbrok, a King and hero amongst the Vikings to create a piece of music. In the future, Andy hopes to make his own Viking-based talk show called ‘Ask Ragnar’ where he could act as “an agony aunt to people phoning in, covering mental health and the struggles of living in the modern world”. 

This highly innovative idea is just one of the many brilliant things to surface over the weeks. Similarly, Ukrainian Solomiia who had worked as a “music producer in Kyiv in 2019”, says she would love to start her own show exploring the area of “mental health of musicians”. Other participants such as Okubay Haile, a music maker, would love to create their own show covering the “gospel community”. We would love to see this one in action! 

The workshop saw spirits run high and those involved such as Andy, Solomiia and Okubay, take the front seat and immerse themselves in singing, writing and producing. 

Listen back to the radio show they scripted, edited and produced during the workshop down below to find out more about Music Course and what they accomplished. 

Our workshops run all year long and are open to all. To find out about our next one, please drop an email to – see you at the next one!

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