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Our latest podcasting project, delivered in partnership with the Prince’s Trustand Tameside council, kickstarted in Tameside last week at the 4C Community Centre.

To start things off the young people were invited into the space for a two week podcasting bootcamp. During these two weeks, participants were introduced to scripting, editing and producing a podcast with a view to scripting their own interview based recording. This time running, they were joined by two different employers for all their interviewing desires; Visual Architects who are an events decor company and 0730 Media, a videography and photography company run by husband and wife power duo.

One half of the group went to the Visual Architects warehouse, where they work on building set designs and event decor. After a well rounded tour, the young people were asked if they wanted to turn on a pretty savvy piece of kit: a giant robot (we’re just as intrigued as you are). The other group came down to Reform to record an exclusive interview of one half of the 0730 Media team, Simon

After an enjoyable two weeks, close bonds and friendships were made within the group, and people went home feeling like they had made friends for life. Not only were friendships developed between the participants, but with the facilitators too. Our lovely, fully trained facilitators were noticed by young person Luke as ‘very friendly and funny’.

Another young person, Sam, speaks on their experience with Tameside Futures: “The experience has been great because I’ve overcome my anxiety and it’s built up my confidence as well, so for that I just want to say thank you because I’ve been pushed and that’s what I needed”.

Another individual, Alex, comments on his personal growth during the project: “I have learnt that I can be confident if I put my mind to it”. 

With confidence on the horizon, the group worked towards a live radio show – It’s About Drive, It’s About Podcast Ducky’s – showcasing all the exciting stuff they had been doing.

“Over the past two weeks we’ve been sharing our thoughts and feelings on the topic of Media and Technology. We developed podcasting and scripting skills and had the opportunity to visit and talk to creative companies within Tameside. This was an inspiring experience that gave us insight into how art and media companies operate”

To hear the full show that aired on Friday the 18th of March, click down below.

But, the fun doesn’t stop there. The following four weeks are dedicated to helping the individuals involved find their next employment steps, by sharing job opportunities that arise and helping them into full time employment.

Watch the video down below to see what went down.

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