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To celebrate the launch of Dreaming In Yellow: The Story of The DiY Sound System, we’ve teamed up with the author of the book Harry Harrison and Velocity Press to host the book launch at Reform Radio. Joined by Drew Hemment for a live Q&A and friends Barbara Lyons (DiY Collective)and Steve Leech (DJ Vertigo)with a special guest appearance. 

Set your reminders andtune into the live Q&A by clicking on our live stream down below. 

Friday 29th April – 7.30PM

The book was published on Velocity Press – an underground music publishing house – written by one of the founding members of the DiY Collective, Harry Harrison. Back in the free party days, DiY was notoriously known for its sound systems and the parties they threw. Now, he narrates the tales of the infamous Summer of Love, the socio-political movement the free parties encouraged and more. 

DiY became more than just a movement, but more so a way of life. These photographs perfectly capture the essence of the people involved and the communities that surfaced, whilst the book describes the clubs, parties, festivals and records that forged these groups.

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