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HERchester Documentary (2021): Exclusive Interviews & BTS Footage

The HERchester Documentary is finally out on Reform’s Youtube Channel. An exclusive look into the BTS of the HERchester Cypher, a finale performance that wrapped up an 8 week long MCing and lyrical writing workshop.

The project was funded by Arts Council England and brought together women, non-binary people, transgender women and those that identify as women from 4 different cities: Manchester, Morecambe, Blackpool and Sheffield. We teamed up with RiteTraxHouse of Wingz and More Music who accommodated and guided participants in their respective cities.

Guided by interviews and shots from the rehearsals and cypher, the documentary gives us all the opportunity to understand the appeal of this amazing project. Participants share why they joined, their highlights and what they gained from this workshop. From the project being a safe space to grow to feeling supported and inspired by one another, the documentary’s narrative emphasises the importance of creating a space for underrepresented individuals to develop their skills in the music scene.

Watch the full documentary below.

We are very excited to announce that this Thursday 16th December at 12PM we will be taking over Arts Council England Instagram stories to shout about this amazing project.

Watch the full cypher below.

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