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HERchester making waves

We thought it was about time we updated you on our flagship, all female and non-binary MC project HERchester, as there have been some serious developments over the last few months.

Firstly, massive congratulations to Prinny Moni, who’s just had her track signed to Red Bull. Prinny was straight on responding to a call from OneDa, who then put her name forward and the rest is history. This exemplifies what HERchester is all about, females pushing other female rappers forward in the industry.

Next up, after seeing last year’s HERchester cypher, Frequency was chosen to take part in an all star, Manchester cypher to celebrate the launch of Snoop Dog’s new wine brand Cali Red. Watch below.

In other news, work is well underway on a new podcast project that will pair a member of the HERchester fraternity with a scientific researcher, with the aim of making the academic work more accessible through the medium of rap. The first few collaborations have been recorded, including a trip to Cambridge with Soundcamp graduate Karis Jade.

This work has been funded by the HDBI and is due for release in 2023. The Human Developmental Biology Initiative (HDBI)is a Wellcome-funded group of researchers at Institutes across the UK who are all trying to better understand how humans develop before birth.

We’re also thrilled to announce the next iteration, HERchester Up North, has been kindly funded by Arts Council Englandand is launching very soon. More news on this this to follow but the project has been built of a successful, North West wide pilot last year. Check out what went down behind the scenes in our short documentary below. It brought together women, non-binary people, transgender women and those that identify as women from 4 different cities: Manchester, Morecambe, Blackpool and Sheffield teaming up with RiteTraxHouse of Wingz and More Music who accommodated and guided participants in their respective cities.

If you want to get involved in our next instalment of HERchester Up North, drop us an email on

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