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High Rise Series: Episode 1-3 Released

Every episode of High Rise will be released on Podfollow and Spotify one by one every Thursday. The rollout of the episodes started on Thursday 12th August.

High Rise is a European Social Fund funded 12 week creative writing radio drama project.

During these 12 weeks, MBE appointed Louise Wallwein guided each participant to create their own episode. All 11 episodes explored Greater Manchester’s gentrification.

So far 3 episodes have been released. Read on to learn more about each episode.

EP1: Hong Kong to Manchester

Written and produced by Farwa Naseer.

Hong Kong to Manchester explores themes of race, class and cultural differences. It showcases how humans connect regardless of this and celebrates Manchester’s diversity and evolving skyline.

EP2: Rain, Thunder and Fire

Written by Connor Forsyth.

An argument over the changing city, brought about by an artwork depicting it aflame. The High Rise buildings divide the past and future of the city. A story of sorrow, conflict, and passion.

EP3: Pushed Out Again

Written and produced by Jonathan Williams.

As the echoes of a compulsory order from the past linger, a teenager struggles with the uncertainty looming over his family with history threatening to repeat itself.

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