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A Tale of Two Sides

High Rise Series: Episode 8-11 Released

The High Rise series releases one episode every Thursday on Podfollow and Spotify.

The series was born out of a 12 week creative writing radio drama project funded by European Social Fund.

During these 12 weeks, MBE appointed Louise Wallwein guided each participant to create their own episode. All 11 episodes explored Greater Manchester’s gentrification.

Since the last blog post, 4 more episodes have been released. Read on to listen and learn more about each episode.

EP8: A Day In the Life

Written by Alanis Leah MacDonald.

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”. In this episode, Gregory and Samantha are in a relationship and need a new home. Then the Manchester high rises are built. What will happen next?

EP9: Floor 129

Written and produced by Alex Ingham-Brophy.

This episode asks the question, what happens when you want more from life ? Everything’s tested. Relationships, moralities and sense of self-worth are all at risk, and it all starts on Floor 129.

EP10: A Tale from Two Sides

written & directed by Maddie Zygmunt

Two Men, One Address, this is the story of the class divide.

EP11: Mourning Manchester, Mourning Malik
(Final episode)

by Zhahava Waseem

“A drama rooted in grime, simplified in rhyme, inspired by the experience of both yours and mine, is it really one of crime? I mean, some of you may think it’s fine. Malik and Myles, Posh and Poor, one gets wasted and one goes to the floor. A story of friendship, a story of fraud. So sit back and relax, you won’t get bored.”

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