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Recently on the HYPE THEM show with kaoti and sheri, we welcomed North West artist Jenni Orlopp to the studio. Jenni joined them for an exclusive live session alongside a chat about her journey and experiences as a female in the industry.

Listen to the full show below.

With her soft vocals, soothing melodies, and catchy pop beats, we have had Jenni’s tunes on repeat ever since. We caught up with the musician come producer to find out more about her creative practice and inspiration. Read the full interview below and check out her full live session.

What’s your name, pronouns and your star sign?

My name is Jenni Orlopp (she/her), and I’m a 21 year old singer, songwriter and producer based in Manchester. I’m originally from the North East. My star sign is Leo, but I’m actually not sure what that means – I’ve been told that I don’t fit the description that well. 

If you had to describe your music in three words to someone who had never heard it before, how would you describe it?

“Bit of everything”.

Where did your journey with music begin?

I started getting really into music through my parents and sister. They had this huge CD collection and I was just obsessed with listening to it over and over. Eventually I started learning instruments at school, and found songwriting and producing through that. I used to record myself playing the clarinet and then play the drums over it on Garageband. I’d also play around with the novation launchpad app and make beats using loops and random sounds.

Have there been any important figures or role models in your musical journey or any that have inspired your sound and aesthetic?

When I was younger, I got really into hip hop and rap and I think that definitely started my love for fashion, especially streetwear. I have a picture of me from when I was really little. I have on the baggiest jeans possible and this sideways pink cap because I wouldn’t let anyone else dress me. Music-wise, I’m definitely inspired by jazz. It’s the foundation of so many genres and artists. I think there are very few musicians that haven’t been inspired by it in some way. 

Where do you find inspiration for your creativity?

I go through phases of being inspired by absolutely everything for a while, and then nothing.I definitely find inspiration in different things when it comes to lyrics versus production – I have so many half finished songs with no backing tracks, and drum loops with no instrumentals. I’m most creative when things are happening in my life though. Emotions are definitely the best source of inspiration for me. 

How does your writing process look?

Back in 2022, I wanted to get better at songwriting, so I challenged myself to write 5 songs a week for the whole year. My routine became playing a backing track on repeat and writing down whatever came into my head, and then repeating the process again, but only picking out the good bits of my previous attempt. Sometimes writing songs is hard because you don’t want to write down a bad lyric, but that process made me realise that perfection isn’t realistic. Writing down a bunch of terrible ideas helps to bring the good ones out. I either write my songs based on an idea from doing that, or they write themselves in less than an hour – I don’t really have an in between. 

What do you see for the future of your music? Do you have any particular goals you’d like to achieve with your creative journey?

Last year, I performed at the Eurovision Fan Village and the whole experience was just amazing. Since then I’ve decided that I’d love to perform at a festival. Other than that I’m just seeing what happens. Most of the best moments in my career so far have been opportunities that I didn’t even know existed a year before, so I don’t really like to plan too far ahead. 

Where’s the best place for people to find you on social media and to find your music?

I’m the most active on Instagram – @jenniorlopp. My handle is pretty much the same everywhere. You can find my music on all major platforms.

You can catch HYPE THEM bi-monthly on Thursdays on the airwaves of Reform Radio, tune in via website or on DAB in Greater Manchester region.

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