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BHM RL Project (feature image)

‘I Just Love How Black It Was!’ – Short Documentary on Music, Race & Collaboration.

Rhythm Lab Records have been working on an extremely insightful project over the past month. Our sister label brought together two artists to create multiple tracks and explore themes of race and music through a group interview.

In order to explore how the music scene has changed over the years, the two artists were chosen with the aim to bring an individual who has vast experience in the music scene and another who is newer. Representing the younger generation was Ethan Hill, a Manchester based Hip Hop producer who, through his production, focuses on bringing soulfulness to the British Hip Hop scene. Completing the duo was legendary MC Madrush, one of Manchester’s leading DnB artists with a career spanning over 20 years.

The documented production process and conversation has resulted in the creation of Episode one: “I Just Love How Black It Was!”. The short documentary focuses on the interviews led by Rhythm Lab press officer Iyun (LINTD), which explored the history of Shebeens, scared Jungle promoters and the restrictive violence of the home office.

Watch the full documentary below.

Also out now is Corrupt Clarity, the 3 track EP created during this project. The EP brings together the past and the present of the magic that Manchester’s black music scene offers. Listen to the full EP below.

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