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At Reform Radio, we get to meet, work and collaborate with some of the coolest creatives and organisations around. In true Reform style, it wouldn’t be right for us to keep them to ourselves so we thought we’d introduce you to some of our hosts.

Meet: RELAX & BAKE FM, one of our radio residents and a platform supporting upcoming talent, who have recently launched their debut zine ‘READ ME‘.

Introduce the individuals behind RELAX AND BAKE FM

Hey! We are RELAX & BAKE FM. The team behind the project is myself (Ade (He/Him)), Ky (She/Her), Alana (She/Her), Aisha (She/Her), Emmanuella (She/Her), Ari (She/Her), Steph (She/Her), Manisha (She/Her), and Augustina (She/Her).

If you had to describe RELAX AND BAKE FM to someone who had no idea what it was, how would you describe it?

A platform for fresh talent – we provide a space for new and upcoming artists to showcase their music.


Where did it all start? What drove you guys to create R&B FM? And do you have any highlights from the journey so far? 

We started at university, as we were keen on showcasing our music taste to an audience. As time went on, we wanted to become a niche show and focus solely on platforming new artists. The highlight of our journey so far has been seeing the artists we spoke to in our first year go on to become full-time artists and live out their dreams.

What would you say are the core values of R&B FM?

Our main aim is to provide a spotlight for fresh talent, as a radio show it usually means this talent is limited to musicians, but we also apply this motto to our team. A lot of us aren’t necessarily trained or have had previous experience before starting. For myself, I became a self-taught graphic designer during this process. Essentially, we all trust each other and we try to match up what is needed to each of our genuine interests.

So, you guys have recently debuted the e-zine ‘READ ME’ – why did you want to create a zine and what have been your favourite elements of getting it up and running?

We wanted to do our part in response to the George Floyd riots in 2020, which was around the same time we started the show. As time went on, I thought it would be good to make a separate platform which can be solely dedicated to providing a solution; a platform that would exist with a social purpose. This is how ‘READ ME’ was born. 

How would you describe ‘READ ME’ to someone that’s never heard of it before?

‘READ ME’ is a platform for Black representation in all fields, industries and career paths. The aim is to inspire our audience to pursue their own dreams and passions by showing how realistic it can be achieved.

If you could interview anyone for ‘READ ME’, who would it be and why?

I would love to have interviewed Reggie Osse of the Combat Jack Show. He was a huge inspiration for me in creating the zine. His podcast conversations were always aspirational and, as a former entertainment lawyer, he would regularly drop gems about the music industry. He was also an editor at The Source Magazine which was one of the best hip hop magazines of its time and remains a staple of hip hop culture. He passed away a few years ago but I would have loved to pick his brain and get some advice from him. 


What do you see for the future of ‘READ ME’? Do you have any particular goals you’d like to achieve with it?

My aim is to have a positive social impact with ‘READ ME’. I want it to be a catalyst for change and improvement; a conduit for people to achieve their dreams. What does this look like? At the moment, I don’t know. We are starting out with the zine but would love to branch into other forms of media. What I do know is that we are excited and ready for the journey that this will bring!

Do you have any cool social media accounts people should follow to find new and upcoming Black talent?

Big People Music, Pedestall Magazine, Quake Magazine, Black Brighton and Kollab Network.


Who are some rising Black creatives we should be aware of right now?

Renzniro, Tunde, Ella Mayamothi, Bridget Eke, Steph MJB, and K Orion.

As well Reform airwaves, where can people find RELAX AND BAKE FM & ‘READ ME’? 

Our social media channels are and @relaxandbakefm. You find our website here.

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