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For many people, the act or concept of confrontation can seem quite simply unbearable. To confront somebody is the process of facing someone that you have perhaps had a disagreement with. These conversations can often feel uncomfortable and many shy away from them. 

However, there are ways that you can deal with confrontation to make it that little bit easier. Every month our well-being manager Dan Owens-cooper offers well-being advice. This month he shared some tips on how to deal with confrontation.

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Tip number one. Instead of viewing the situation as a confrontation, reframe it as a conversation. There is often a common misconception that confronting somebody about something that you don’t agree with will automatically result in conflict. Having honest and calm conversations with each other is a great way to begin tackling confrontation. 

Tip number two. Make sure that whatever you are communicating is well thought out and reasonable within your rights. If you’re unsure about this, try reaching out to a friend or somebody close to you that you trust to see their point of view on the situation.

Last but not least, frame your point. Make sure that you have had a good think about how to diverge this information to the other person. If you make it seem like an attack on them or their character, there’s a good chance that conflict could arise. 

To hear more from Dan, tune into his monthly show on Tuesday the 19th of August in collaboration with #BeWell from 5 PM – 6 PM. A mental health mix of voices, experiences and creative talents from young adults in Greater Manchester.

It’s important to remember that you are never alone in whatever you are going through. If you are struggling mentally and would like to talk to someone, please visit our Emergency Contacts page. Multiple amazing organisations offer their services 24/7. 

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