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Reform From Normality (featured image)


Welcome back to On Our Radar, a music feature where the team at Reform select their hottest tracks of the week. This week we’re bringing you the best club bangers to get you prepped for the summer extravaganzas.


Since her Best of British nomination for Breakthrough Producer in 2020 by DJ Mag, Yazzus has been making high-speed, Ghetto Tech, Rave-inspired compounds of all textures and tempos. Her latest track, ‘U Tik 2 Much’ is a wonderful mixture of noise, with alarm-like razor sounds and a Berlin club appeal radiating through.


An amalgamation of Techno and Breakbeat from New Yorker Sister Zo. Released on the label 3024, this four-track EP is made for the mayhem of the dancefloor. ‘Afraid 2 Make A Move’ is an incredible curation of beats and choppy samples, fading in and out with distinct underwater reverberations to get you two-stepping along.


Lynks‘ rise to fame has been prodigious, to say the least. Chaotic and queer, ‘Silly Boy’ is giving off the utmost energy. If you’ve ever listened to LSDXOXO before, then you will know the charm of the catchy and crude Pop vocals placed with a club instrumental. The queer revolutionary is coming, with artists like Lynks leading the way.


Mixmag just premiered a remix of the track ‘mpeg’ by DJ Baby Rollén on the London label Slump Recordings. Acid meets the cyber dogs in this frisky rendition, treating us with seven minutes of minimal craftmanship. It comes out this week so get your orders in now!


A cheeky little melodic moment here from the Spanish duo of producers, Permutation. Fusing together elements of Ambience, Electro and 90s Tech, ‘Epicycles’ is formed. Scattered with tingly synth twirls and fuzzy vocal samples, perfect for laying on the beach with a mojito and watching the sunset.

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