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Raise the Bar: SINDYSMAN

Raise the Baris a video series that showcases artists delivering freestyles or live performances on our resident’s shows.

Taking the stage for this episode of Raise the Bar is SINDYSMAN, a 23 year old music student and rapper who guested on Jorgy and Cheech‘s most recent show. SINDYSMAN gave us an exclusive performance of his unreleased track ‘It’s Ready for the Weekend’.

Watch the full performance below.

This artist is by no means a stranger to Reform Radio. This year, SINDYSMAN featured alongside artists such as China Lilly, Micco and Elias, on Rhythm Lab Record’s ‘Roots’ release. This album was part of the Sonic Synthesis series, which brought together artists that had never met before to create a track independently, and subsequently swap each other’s STEMS to create a unique re-work of each other’s original track.

Listen to the tracks below.

Listen to the full show here packed with chats on the artist’s collective SINDYSPLACE, upcoming events, projects and releases.

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