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We’re super thrilled to announce that we’ve received four years of core funding from The National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. Massive thank you to them and all National Lottery players for making this happen.

These funds will be vital in supporting our work over the next four years as we build back from Covid and work to support the young people most affected by the pandemic. It will allow us to improve and strengthen our approach of using radio and the arts to bring young people together to collaborate, learn and develop new skills. 

It will also fund some special discussion-based radio programmes, such as our recent Refugee Week Roundtable, which focus on key social topics pertinent to young people, giving them the skills to look deeper, reflect on and share their own lived experience, and hear from others.

The funding will also allow us to work on building our Podcasting With Purpose offer, which will alleviate our reliance on grant funding and increase our financial sustainability through earned income.

Thank you again to The National Lottery and its players for this vital support and if you’re interested in getting involved in our programmes or our podcasting offer then do get in touch here.

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