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Reform x Climate Action: Climate Crisis Focused Theatre, Round Table Discussions & More

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting an interview between Liam MacGregor from ADHOC Records and Ergon, an exciting theatre company that is contributing to the climate conversation through their new play Ergon: The Wicked Problem.

Set in 2061, Egon: The Wicked Problem explores themes around climate change and sustainability, offering audiences a uniquely interactive experience as they investigate the future of Greater Manchester. They are given an active role as jury members to question their own morals, debate on climate change, consider geographical privilege and decide on the outcome of the show.

The show is running from Wednesday 3rd November – Saturday 6th November, in Contact’s main space.

Listen to the full show below to get an exclusive insight into the theatre company and play.

Reform are proud to be prioritising sustainability and the environment, with the goal to become a Net Carbon Zero organisation. For this year’s Earth day, we connected with 24 international artists for a 24-Hour broadcast to raise awareness for climate action. Each artist not only provided a 1 hour show, but also created a short video to encourage each individual to consider and share their climate thoughts & actions.

Additionally, one of our most recent climate conscious projects is C-change. The roundtable discussion explored what part art & culture plays in influencing people to take action, as well as the role of young people in the debate and eco-anxiety. Alongside the talks were spoken word & music performances from Kimwei McCarthy and Tito Von May in collaboration with Brighter Sound. We are excited for the rich discussion to be played at this year’s COP26, a climate change national conference.

You can catch the two part show on Reform’s airwaves, part one on 2nd November from 4PM-5PM and part 2 on 9th November airing at the same time.

Reform’s climate focused work has been recognised at the 2021 People’s Culture Awards, where we were nominated for the Promotion of Environmental Sustainability Award.

If you are interested in doing a show with a focus on climate action and sustainability, please give us a shout.

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