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Visual artist and songwriter Sarah Angel, and music producer, DJ and vocalist Lashimba have just teamed up with producer Blakenor for their new track ‘HIGH WAY’. The music video dropped on June 16th and you can stream the music video on Youtube now. 

Watch now.

After meeting properly back in 2020 during Soundcamp, the pair kept in touch and hoped to meet up and collaborate in the future. Lashimba says she “had seen Sarah Angel out and about, as the creative scene in Manchester is quite tight” and that the two connected when she was completing her degree and interviewed Sarah for her dissertation on “women in the music industry”. After this, they “continued to weave in and out of each other’s environments” and over the last couple of years, performed at an event together called Freewave, as well Soundcamp.

However, this is the first time Angel and Lashimba have collaborated together musically. On a trip to London to see the Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza, Lashimba reached out to Sarah for a place to stay. The next day she opened up a project with a beat given to her by Blakenor and they got to business: “we literally recorded the vocals in the morning, filmed ourselves around the local neighbourhood and then I went to catch my train at 3 PM, it was so fun” (Lashimba). Sarah says the two of them had “been meaning to get together for ages” and that when reunited, “the fates of the universe were at work that day”. 

Sarah Angel’s Soundcamp Showcase for our virtual stage at We Out Here Festival

Blakenor had shared a beat with Lashimba that he had no plans for, showing it to her on a whim. Upon hearing it, the two vocalists knew they could add some of their own flavours to the track. “Shout out to Blakenor, he is extremely talented”, Lashimba comments with lots of exclamation points to follow. 

When asked what ‘HIGH WAY’ means to both of them, Sarah comments that it is “the embodiment of female power”, whilst Lashimba adds that it is “being empowered but not taking ourselves too seriously”. Through Sarah’s lyrics, she tells a story of going through difficult times: “the good times being matched with the bad times and having to step up and face the demons that bring you challenges along the way, but in the end, surviving it all”.

Lashimba speaks on how in the music industry it’s not uncommon for women to be “pit against one another rather than fully embracing each other’s talents”, but by making this track and not taking herself too seriously or overthinking, magic was made. 

From the moment you press play, it’s difficult to not get hooked on ‘HIGH WAY’. With impeccable production, carefully crafted vocals and a catchy beat, this is the only song you need to be playing on repeat this month. The interlude of choppy dance-heavy synths breaks up this beat perfectly, adding an air of energy that makes you want to get up and jump. 

Lashimba’s Soundcamp Showcase for our virtual stage at We Out Here Festival

After participating in Soundcamp 2020 the two artists have made a name for themselves. Sarah Angel’s single ‘Lakeview’ is nearing one million streams on Youtube which she comments has been “a huge highlight” in her career. On Soundcamp, she says: “It was imperative to my growth and I am so glad I attended. I learnt so much creatively and within the business realms that I’ve been able to utilise going forward. I also made connections with so many brilliant creatives!”. 

Similarly, Lashimba has been blowing up in Manchester this year, with bookings at Parklife’s VIP stage and a successfully curated event called PlugOne & Friends, which was “a significant moment” for her professionally and gave her “the confidence to pursue DJing more aggressively”. 

The past year she has been growing as an artist and after taking part in Soundcamp, described it as a “blessing” as it really helped her “come out of [her] shell through the art of collaboration”.

This summer you can catch Sarah Angel performing at Kendal Calling, a festival in the Lake District at the end of July. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as their names are going to be popping up on your screens for the foreseeable future as the two songwriters embark on their journey to success as incredibly talented musicians. 

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