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BBC Radio 6 Music – The People’s Party with Afrodeutsche

We were thrilled to join the 6 Music family in October 2021, producing The People’s Party with Afrodeutsche every Friday night from 7-9pm. 

As the first ever ‘Across The UK’ commission for the network, Reform Radio are proud to produce the weekly Friday night music show on BBC Radio 6 Music; The People’s Party with Afrodeutsche.

The show concept was devised entirely by the Reform Radio team, including features, talent proposition and in response to a brief that called for audiences to be at the heart of the program.

This show is a real celebration of the listener. Every week, a different listener joins us as our People’s Party Selector and chooses two tracks, One To Warm Up To and One To Let Lose To. The rest of the selections and features are then built around those choices, building a playlist that feels full of Friday night energy, transitioning listeners from day time to more specialist programming.

Through ‘The Unmixable Challenge’ some of the biggest artists in the world are asked to mix together two completely opposite tracks, and the listeners decide if it works or not. Nina Kravitz was forced to mix Cindy Lauper and Bon Jovi in one hilarious attempt, whilst Groove Armada combined New Order with Aretha Franklin and caused quite a stir. 

With guest mixes from DJs, musicians and the freshest new sounds, there is something for everyone. 

Our production team is made from young people who have come through our outreach projects and we’re proud to have provided a pipeline for this talent into the BBC. 

Listen weekly from 7-9pm on BBC Radio 6 Music.

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