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The Life and Death Podcast

Each year since 2020, we have produced a new series of The Life and Death Podcast. The long-running podcast has contributed to Reform Radio’s wins at the much coveted Audio Production Awards and ARIAs.

The challenge

Ashgate Hospice care approached us in 2020 looking for a new way to raise awareness around the importance of good end of life care. It was clear to us that this wasn’t an immediate fundraising exercise but a wider awareness piece that would provide intimate insight into their work and in itself generate new PR and media opportunities.

The team were immensely proud of the difficult work they do and were keen to share best practice and engage other end of life providers. A podcast is the perfect why to do this and would allow them to engage and inform colleagues on a global scale as well as encourage all listeners to have better conversations around death and dying.

The response

After talking with the team during our kick off meeting, it became immediately clear how connected and caring each member of the organisation was to the patients. Through their work, they create perhaps the most intimate, open and personal connections it is possible for two humans to have and we wanted to really bring this to the forefront.

Our idea was simple, to bring together givers and receivers of end-of-life care to have an intimate conversation to discuss life, death and their unique relationship. The resulting conversations, many recorded under the added pressures of lockdown, were more powerful than we could ever had imaged.

The outcome

Following advice from our our bespoke launch and marketing plan, the podcast debuted in the top 20 of the Personal Journals category on Apple Podcasts. This brought in a huge amount of listeners and a mass of five star ratings and reviews.

As anticipated, the podcast allowed the hospice to explore new PR opportunities with in depth interviews on BBC Radio Sheffield, Imagine Radio, Hasland Magazine and Destination Chesterfield.

Currently developing its third series, The Life And Death Podcast has touched many listeners and achieved its aim of breaking down the stigma around death, dying and grief. The number of reviews and comments, a few of which we’ve shared below, showed the impact this series had on its audience.

The series has allowed the hospice to engage with colleagues across the globe and they’ve received emails from other providers to say the podcast has been used a tools within their own organisations.

Bespoke video content

In more recent series, we have been commissioned to create bespoke video content for the hospice. We have recorded interviews in person and online, and turned them into eye-catching and engaging short videos for socials.

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A few reviews left on Apple Podcasts

A gorgeous, serious, insightful, engaging and engaged podcast. One fo the most listenable and likeable hosts i’ve heard, one that’s open, genuine and interested. If you are interested in life in its most final sense…LISTEN!!!

“This morning I watched the funeral of a dear friend being streamed. Tonight I was sent this podcast and it has helped calm my scrambled thoughts.”

This is such a life affirming podcast. Roy’s attitude to life is inspiring. Stephen’s relationship with Roy is touching and the level of mutual respect they have for each other comes across. Roy’s mantra of Live life and the dying will take care of itself is so moving.

“This podcast may come across hard hitting and deep however has a real heart warming feel to it too! This subject is so important and good quality terminal healthcare needs be the standard that is set. This podcast really helps to promote that!”

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