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Co-Lab Theory: Upcoming Artists Collaborate w/ Industry Mentors and Visual Artists

Co-Lab Theory is a collaboration project, creating trios out of eight upcoming artists paired with eight different music industry mentors and eight varied visual artists. Made possible by support from Jägermeister and Arts Council England, each trio created an exciting, original audio-visual work.

Industry mentors involved with the project include the pioneering production duo Swing Ting, internationally renowned creative Mr Scruff and spoken word artist Malik Al Nasir, mentee of the late Gil Scott Heron.

The project has provided a fantastic opportunity for young, upcoming music and design talent to learn from experienced music industry professionals as well as reap the rewards of being associated with such renowned creatives, profile-wise.

With the project now complete, the tracks and audio-visual pieces have been released by Rhythm Lab and Reform Radio. You can listen to all the tracks on Bandcamp and all other major platforms.

If you want to get a glimpse into the production process, head over to our Youtube channel to watch the Co-Lab Theory documentary series!

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