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Manchester studio launches new service for aspiring artists, supported by Reform Radio students.

This blog post was created as part of In Focus: Content and Social Media course, funded by the Skills for Growth & European Social Fund.

We are Kao, Meg, Sarah and Anna. We have just completed the In Focus: Content and Social Media course with Reform Radio. We’d love to share our journey through the course with you! As a team, we rose to the challenge of creating a social media campaign for Manchester recording studio, Studio 88, who are launching a new product.

Over 7 weeks, we learnt about digital content creation and had lots of opportunities to gain hands on experience. Throughout the course, our marketing, video and photography skills were developed and honed. Taught by Reform Radio’s in house Content and Marketing Team, we were well placed to get to grips with the intricacies of content creation and social media. The modules covered included; social media and marketing strategies, analytics, trends, audience development, planning and implementing a social media marketing campaign and working from briefs to developing concepts.

In addition, there were valuable lessons on filming and photography, concept production and creating short form videos for platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram. Crucially, there were practical sessions which focussed on editing and post-production. This comprehensive and interesting course has provided a solid grounding in Content and Social Media, along with a professional piece of work which can evidence our skills. The tutors were knowledgeable and approachable and the whole group were lovely. 

Darrius, Samantha, M1LLZ, Meg, Kao (from left to right)

Our group worked on a brief for local recording studio, Studio 88.

“Studio 88 stands for infinite and abundant creation…in Chinese mythology it symbolizes good fortune and wealth. We try and incorporate all of these values and philosophies into the business.” – Darrius, Director of Studio 88


Studio 88 is a local multi-genre recording studio, providing a range of services for artists and producers looking to join a welcoming, creative community. It is owned and directed by Darrius Stewart (He/Him) and has studios in both central and South Manchester. Both sites are accessible and professionally equipped. New for summer 2023, Studio 88 have launched an affordable subscription package service, Create88, for all creatives with a range of benefits. The monthly package guarantees 12 hours a month in the studio along with a wealth of other benefits including the opportunity to work with in-house producers and access to the well-established and formidable creative network.  

Darrius explains: “Studio 88 MCR is much more than just a recording studio, we are a place for artists to grow and develop, turning ideas into fruition, and offering Manchester’s upcoming artists a creative space like no other.” Local beatmaker and Junior Recording Engineer Pretty Trixx describes how the studio has helped her: “I’m really a bedroom producer at heart and like to stay behind the scenes whilst making my music but the studio is slowly helping me come out of my shell and work with more creators.”

Pretty Trixx

With a passion for music as her first love Pretty Trixx has worked with notable names in the industry through being involved with Studio 88, including Kwengface and Youngz SB.

Artist and Studio 88 collaborator M1LLZ says:
“They took me in as a home. They gave me somewhere to go to show what my passion was. They did a lot. I’m now an artist.”

Studio 88 Singer, Songwriter and Manager, Samantha Mae says:
“From my manager side, I am working with 4 people; 3 artists and 1 producer/engineer. We are all in a development scheme and we’re all on the same wavelength, we want to see results and progress. In terms of my singing -songwriting, I’m helping song write for those who get writer’s block. I come up with creative ideas to get them out of that space and out of their head. I’m just trying to help everyone do what they do and what they love.”

Samantha Mae

Studio 88 prides itself on being a launchpad for upcoming artists, a safe space with a family feel for people working in all genres to come and learn to improve their music making skills and learn about themselves in the process. M1LLZ says: “They showed me how to control my breath, pronounce my words, open my mouth. All the good fundamentals that can help you find your way of doing it. That’s what they did to help me progress.”

Studio 88 has rich partnerships with other creative organisations across Manchester and the UK.  The new package can add structure to projects, guaranteeing studio time and a network to collaborate with. 

The Create88 subscription package for £150 per month is now live and includes: 

  • 12hrs Access to Studio Time [Dry Hire]
  • Member Discounts on Media Production 
  • Member mailing list / Newsletters
  • Member discount events
  • Competitions & Offers
  • Radio Play opportunities 
  • Stage performance opportunities 
  • Placements & collaborative opportunities 
  • Network & structure 

Check out the Studio88 website here!

If you want to get involved in any of our creative courses, drop us an email at

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