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WOH Thursdays: Part 1 ft Yelena Lashimba, KUPI, Babyflxcko & Zeyla

WOH Thursdays is a 4 part series, premiering all the performances from Reform’s Stage at We Out Here On Line & On Air Festival. The stage gave Soundcamp graduates the opportunity to perform alongside

On 6th May, performances from Yelena Lashimba, KUPI, Babyflxcko and Zelya will be going live.

Yelena Lashimba

Yelena Lashimba uses inspiration from percussive genres like Samba and Afro to carve a unique indie RnB sound, infusing smooth vocals alongside the occasional spoken word verse as part of a new generation using their art to champion feminism.

Head to ReformTV at 20:00 (BST) to catch the performance.


Formed within the vacuum of lockdown, KUPI is a newly born experimental music project piecing together highly detailed rabbit holes of sound for you to fall down. Within these sonic environments, lush soundscapes flow and crash around mangled found sounds and jagged walls of electronic percussion.

Head to ReformTV at 20:15 (BST) to catch the performance.


Bethany White better known as Babyflxcko, Sheffield born singer/songwriter has been surrounded by music her whole life with a family full of musicians. Being a young girl she spent time singing daily in her bedroom and figuring out which music best suited her voice. Growing up she had (still has) a great passion for Hip Hop and Rap.

Her influences Amy Winehouse, Billie Eilish, Jhene Aiko,  Michael Jackson, Kali Uchis, Lauryn Hill etc inspired her love for Soul, Jazz and R&B.

Head to ReformTV at 20:30 (BST) to catch the performance.


Raised on a rich heritage of Hip, Hop, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Reggae & House, Zeyla is a multi-genre DJ and Reform Resident, who makes it her point to share her experiences of the world through her mixing.

Head to ReformTV at 20:45 (BST) to catch the performance.

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