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WOH Thursdays: Part 4 ft KING, Sarah Angel, SIBZ and Zed Bias

WOH Thursdays is a 4 part series, premiering all the performances from Reform’s Stage at We Out Here On Line & On Air Festival. The stage gave Soundcamp graduates the opportunity to perform alongside…

On Friday 28th May, performances from KING, Sibz, Sarah Angel and Zed Bias will be going live.


French Born, London based singer songwriter KING allies the musical details of French lyrical culture with the soothing tones of her soulful voice.

KING takes inspiration not only from her French upbringings but the great tradition of genre-fluidity, on a quest of sonic expansion with the trait of being experimentally audacious.

Head to ReformTV at 20:00 (BST) to catch the performance.

Sarah Angel

Sarah Angel is a singer-songwrited and visual artist bring word play, double entendres, and her unique viewpoint of the world into her multidisciplinary artform.

Sarah Angel has a particular presence as a performer and songwriter, and is informed by her deep understanding of visual artistry, that has very much captured the attention of the Manchester scene and beyond.

Head to ReformTV at 20:15 (BST) to catch the performance.


Specialising in spiritualistic hedonism and raucous beats, SIBZ’s bold and braggadocio performances deliver emotional expressionism in a heated package.

SIBZ delivers a strong alternative vision of rap, presenting psychedelic self-produced sounds and an emotive approach to performance.

Head to ReformTV at 20:30 (BST) to catch the performance.

Zed Bias

The iconic artist that continues to innovate and stay connected to the grass roots, traversing UKG, UK funky, Dubstep, Broken Beat and other bass sounds with DJ sets that have always been a mainstay.

Head to ReformTV at 20:30 (BST) to catch the performance.

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