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Soundcamp: 12 Week Training Programme to Develop Your Skills as an Artist

Soundcamp is a Youth Music programme started back in 2018. The project had a week of music taster sessions with Jenna G,Werkha and Danny ‘Falz’ Fahey.

The 8 Breakthrough Artists selected during the taster session were supported to develop as artists over a period of 12 weeks. Artists were given the opportunity to improve their performance and music business skills, and showcase all of this at one of Manchester’s most iconic music venues, Night & Day.

They have gone on to develop skills with mentors, and we hope to take the programme into a third year, alternative provision for those not in other mainstream music focused opportunities.

Have a listen to this incredible showcase of talent here.

Soundcamp Virtual Bootcamp – November 2020

In Soundcamp (2020), our artist development and mentoring programme, funded by Youth Music and delivered in partnership with Thirty Pound Gentleman, returned online from 23rd November for it’s initial week-long boot-camp.

Watch the video below to catch a sneak peak of what happened in this quite literally jam-packed week of creative and musical energy that was being pinged back and forth through Zoom.

The Bootcamp marks the start of this project, a search to cultivate sixteen of Manchester’s promising artists, to be inducted as the second cohort guided down the pathway to success through this breakthrough artist scheme. We welcomed into the meeting loads of exciting & promising talent, including some familiar faces, as well as some new faces.

Along with them was the return of our partners TPG & the lead facilitators, instructors & mentors Jenna G (top left), Danny Fahey (top right), Werkha (middle left), Anna McLuckie (middle right) & Adam Seymour (bottom centre). 

Through their expert guidance and knowledge offered, participants were shown the ropes to the various aspects of the music industry and business and the most promising talents will be chosen by them to join the mentorship programme.

During this initial week they were also joined by some special expert industry guests who delivered a taste of some of the expert and guidance with the various areas the full mentorship is set to guide artists through, including:

Aly Gillani, EU Label Rep @ Bandcamp & Co-Founder of First Word Records
OneDa, Rapper, Songwriter & Lead Vocalist for The Mouse Outfit
Tom Northey, Director of Con Brio Creative Consultancy
Sophie Bee, Head of Entertainment & Programming @ Escape To Freight Island
Abnormal Sleepz, Rapper, Writer, Producer & DJ
Mike Burgess, Music Industry Advisor @ Sound With Mike

As you might be able to tell, in spite of the constraints of conducting things remotely, there was an incredible display of the work that the artists had been able to create during their final showcase, which would be the final way for them to be selected in the final 16 of the next round. It’s safe to say that anyone would not envy the position that Jenna, Danny, Anna & Adam find themselves in right now, given the sheer level of talent on show. Even during these strange times, the future is as bright as ever.

Soundcamp: The Artist Vs COVID

As part of Soundcamp 2020, our artist development program run in partnership with Thirty Pound Gentleman funded by Youth Music Charity, we aired a special show that was produced as a part of the project:

“As a response to 2020’s global pandemic we thought it was an important measure to discuss the devastating impact that Covid has had on the gig economy and in particular freelance artists and musicians. We brought together a variety of emerging and established artists to a virtual roundtable discussion to share information and experiences, to help us better navigate the current situation.

Listen to the show back in full below by clicking on the show image!

Soundcamp Bootcamp 2020

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