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Reform launches new ‘In Focus’ creative courses.

We are so excited to launch a series of new programmes in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority – ‘In Focus’ in Radio, Content & Social Media, Mind & Planet.

Independently focusing on audio, content creation, Carbon Literacy and well-being, all delivered by industry experts. The course is fully funded and has been made possible with the Skills for Growth & European Social Fund. Get in touch at to find out more.

The courses were designed through consultation across the creative sector with freelancers, artists, organisations and employees, to meet current demands and skill gaps. 

Individuals will learn a variety of skills ranging from music production to podcasting, social media and marketing strategies to filming and concept production. There will also be bespoke Carbon Literacy training, stress management and tailored well-being workshops.

In Focus: Radio

A 7-week course to learn all the skills required for music radio production. Led by Reform’s award-winning Podcasting Team with experience in national BBC strands, independent production companies, online radio and music related podcasts. During this course you will learn about audio production, presenting, music sequencing, research and interview skills, recording, editing & sound design, industry advice and knowledge on BBC systems. 

In Focus: Content and Social Media

A 7-week course delivered by Reform’s experienced Content & Marketing Team, featuring exciting guests from the creative industry. In this programme you will learn the ins and outs of digital content creation with hands-on experience in video & photography. You will develop a social media strategy and deliver a live event, all whilst gaining knowledge about pre & post production. 

In Focus: Mind and Planet

Part 1 – Mind.

Developed and delivered by Dan Owens-Cooper (Reform’s Wellbeing Manager and Senior Psychotherapist), and informed by over a decade of his experience in clinical practice. This flexible well-being training programme will be a mixture of workshops, video and audio content.

Covering the following topics, as well as looking at tailored content for you or your team: Communicating without conflict, Overcoming Impostor Syndrome, Active Listening and Coaching Skills, Confidence Building, Improving Motivation, Stress Management & Avoiding Burnout, Facing your Fear of Failure, and many more.

Part 2 – Planet

Carbon Literacy Training developed and delivered by award-winning Head of Production and sustainability expert, Dan Jackson, this programme will provide a deep-understanding of the science of climate change and how our everyday activities contribute to it.

Through group learning, discussion and practical workshops, individuals will learn how to develop creative strategies to maximise their influence and minimise their negative impacts on the climate. With bespoke content specifically tailored to production companies, digital content producers, gamers, designers and the media industry.

The programmes are free to attend and eligibility for these courses are those 16+, who live or work within Greater Manchester, and are employed or self employed. If you would like to get involved in any of these courses, please email

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