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Soundcamp, our artist development and mentorship programme funded by Youth Music and in partnership with Thirty Pound Gentleman, has drawn to a close for our 2023 cohort. To bring it to an end, it was only right for our Soundcamp artists to take over Manchester venue, The Blues Kitchen, and put into practice all they’d been working on over the past year.

Check out the undivided antics from our showcase below and keep reading to find out the highlights from Soundcamp 2023.

Over the course of the Soundcamp project, ten emerging artists received artistic guidance from a collection of established music industry professionals and creatives to support them on their musical journeys. From sound engineering, to performance skills and musicianship, the participants were provided with insight into a wide array of areas impacting their careers.

Mentors on the programme included creative producer, artist and broadcaster Jenna G, DJ and producer Werkha who has appeared on the likes of BBC Radio 6’s ‘The People’s Party’, and Anna McLuckie, a remarkable vocalist and harpist. Our mentors combined weren’t short of knowledge in vast corners of the music industry to share with our group of upcoming talent.

Not only did our participants receive consistent mentoring through the programme, but they were also invited to pair up with an acclaimed Manchester artist to create an exclusive track to perform at the Soundcamp: The Co-Lab Edition closing showcase. The main event took place at Manchester’s The Blues Kitchen; all ten duos of emerging artists and Manchester legends debuted their collaborative tracks live, alongside partaking in panel discussions about their time on the project and plans moving forward. This process of collaboration not only musically challenged participants, but also tested their resilience and practice in producing a product with individuals from differing creative backgrounds.

“Even though I was initially worried, it’s been amazing working with Sarah [Angel]… She has helped me grow as a person and we’ve been able to produce something that is unique to the both of us. It’s been a very innovative collaboration that made us both step out of our comfort zones in a positive way.”

– LC, Soundcamp participant

Soundcamp has been thriving since its launch in 2018 and assisted a huge range of new artists of all creative backgrounds in kickstarting their journeys. From hosting a virtual stage at We Out Here Festival, to a series of successful showcases and appearances, our Soundcampers have never shied away from opportunities to hop onstage. We have also had the joy of seeing members of the previous years’ cohorts move into recognised positions within Manchester’s music scene. Alex Pascalidis of the programme’s debut year is now the proud project manager for our Soundcamp course. Meanwhile, artists including Sarah Angeland Iora that collaborated professionally with our Soundcamp participants this year for the Co-Lab project, are also alumni from previous years.

As this year’s collective spread their wings and head off with a large range of newly-built skills under their belt, we look forward to 2024’s Soundcamp project. Stay tuned for news on next year’s programme coming soon.

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