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Our most recent Positive Frequencies course, funded by MAES, drew to a close with an inspiring radio show, Hotel Changing Frequencies. Within this, our participants shared stories of human experience, personal reflections and creative writing they worked on over the duration of the workshops.

Listen to the full show below.

Positive Frequencies is our well-being project, centred around self-expression and using creative outlets as a form of self-care. We chatted to one of our participants, Uyama, about her time on the programme and what they’ll be taking from it moving forward.

Introduce your name, pronouns and hobbies.

My name is Uyama and my pronouns are she/her. Currently, I’m studying English and Maths. Outside the course, I like playing netball for fun, and to help me relax and clear my mind.

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Patient, caring and supportive.

What’s your favourite thing to do to make you feel good or as a form of self-care?

Playing netball!

On the left, our Creative Practitioner, Tito, stood leading a workshop in front of a red curtain. On the right, our Well-being Manager, Dan, is sat down holding a microphone and a yellow post-it note.
Left: Creative Practitioner, Tito, leading one of our sessions. Right: Our Well-being Manager and in-house trained psychotherapist, Dan, leading a group discussion.

Did you have much experience of using writing in your well-being practice already? If so, what’s your favourite element of this or what have you enjoyed about trying it for the first time?

I didn’t have much experience, but I really appreciate that I got the opportunity to write something kind about myself at Positive Frequencies. I learnt that you don’t just have to say nice things to other people, but that you can also say these things to yourself.

What prompted you to get involved in our Positive Frequencies course?

I saw a poster and thought I should sign up. I didn’t want to miss it.

Let’s throw it back to your first day on the course versus now, tell me a bit about your first impressions/feelings/emotions in comparison to how you feel now. What has changed?

Again, I genuinely had never thought about saying kind things to myself. This was totally out of my mind and something I had never considered. It showed me you can value, respect and love yourself, and not just other people. This has helped me a lot already and it’s something I will take away with me.

Radio show artwork with pale blue text for the show title. White text for the show date and time. A graphic illustration of a building with lots of multicoloured windows and a beige door. At the bottom, there is the Reform Radio, GMCA & Manchester City Council logo in white.

If you had to give a sentence of advice to your younger self, what would it say?

You’re not too late to start anything. You can always restart at any age. 

What will you take from Positive Frequencies moving forward & what are your plans from here onwards?

Aside from a kinder attitude towards myself, I am also looking forward to studying nursing and midwifing in the future. Hopefully, I will be a qualified nurse in two or three years time.

How would you describe the Positive Frequencies course to someone who was thinking of joining us as a participant?

It’s a great course – everybody is patient; there is no pressure and no judgement. I’m not an outspoken person and prefer to listen usually, but Positive Frequencies made me feel welcome and comfortable to share and speak. I would encourage others to take the step to join the course, because it’s a great space where everyone supports each other.

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