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From radio broadcasting and podcast production, to creative course facilitation and talent development programmes, we are certainly busy bees here at Reform Radio. Whilst you may have seen us operating in numerous areas, we wanted to give you a rundown of what we do and introduce you to our amazing Engagement Team, who you will definitely come into contact with when joining one of our creative courses.

About Us

Reform Radio is an award-winning radio station and arts organisation based in Manchester’s Bonded Warehouse. We use our station to engage young people of all walks of life and support them into employment. We work with a lot of local and international DJs as well as creatives to showcase their work via our platforms. Not only does this give individuals valuable experience working with a radio station, but it also allows us to share and broadcast a diverse range of voices and some of the best emerging talent on our airwaves. Since our formation in 2013, we are proud to have created an invaluable community of individuals, driving collaboration to create all of our content with people right on our doorstep, to across the globe. You can find out more about our journey throughout the past decade here

Two participants sat in front of a computer editing a radio show.
Our Courses

Throughout the year, we also hold a rotation of fully-funded creative courses for young people. With the support of some incredible funders, and as a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England, we are proud to deliver programmes in a variety of areas, utilising our industry-standard facilities. Our rotation of courses and development programmes include: Podcasting, Music, DJ Sessions, Soundcamp, Radio, Creative Leadership, Well-beingand Creative Writing. However, we also hold a number of sessions throughout the year in the likes of content creation,sustainability,money management, and employment skills

“I’m really impressed that these courses even exist, to be honest. I think as I’ve progressed through the project I’ve been continuously surprised at the quality of its delivery and the amount of care and well-being support you guys offer to participants too. It’s an incredible initiative which encourages young people to really create something they are proud of.”

Joanna (she/her – participant of High Rise course)
A female sat behind her laptop laughing in a workshop

Whilst our participants have the opportunity to learn the technical skills associated with their courses’ areas, we also aim to hold a safe place for them to create and work together. Our workshops blend the necessity for attendees to gain practical techniques via softwares and industry equipment, alongside our desire to support their personal growth and development. Many of our community notice an increase in their confidence levels and social skills.

“On the first day of the course, I was in my own head and couldn’t even speak out loud to the group. However, I have come out of my shell so much and really pushed myself to chat to everybody and get to know them. I feel sad that the course is nearly over now after growing in confidence with everybody and making some great friends with people I would never usually meet.”

Violet (she/her – participant of Radio Course)

We have a designated Engagement Team to support the young people joining us at Reform, who have a wide array of experience to contribute towards teaching and leading our programmes. Meet the full team below!

Meet Our Engagement Team

Our Reform Mentors (Adele, Imogen and Lola) are here to support the young adults that we work with. Mentors provide support from the moment someone gets in touch with Reform Radio until 6 months after they finish participating in one of our courses or programmes. Mentors take time to get to know the participants, and to understand the barriers that stand in their way to achieving their goals. They will work with participants to co-create an action plan, and offer support and advice throughout and after the project or training programme. Our mentors aim to introduce participants to a person centred and creative approach to improving confidence, transferable and employment skills.

Reform Mentors engage with wider community partners to make sure that we reach and offer our support to those young unemployed adults who will benefit from it, and so that we can signpost people to other opportunities and services in response to their needs, challenges and interests.

female with red curly hair smiling at camera in Reform Radio space.

Imogen (she/her) – Reform Mentor

Where did your journey with Reform begin?

I found out about Reform Radio through a temporary job I had with a charity in 2021. While I was working there, we collaborated on a project and I really enjoyed the time I spent in the space. I returned to bar work after my contract ended and spent several months looking for work in the creative industries. On a whim, I checked the Reform website and saw there was a vacancy for an Employment Assistant. The rest is history!

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Reform?

My favourite thing about working at Reform is seeing how getting involved with our courses can impact peoples’ lives in a really positive way. It’s so nice to see people gain confidence and go onto do really exciting and creative things after finishing projects here.

What do you get up to outside of your work at Reform?

During the week, I love to read, do a bit of writing and watch films. I’ve recently started DJing, so I also like to practice mixing and work on preparing for my takeover shows on Reform. I’ve been attending Chinese kickboxing classes, which are brutal! On weekends, I spend time with friends and go to electronic music events.

What’s your favourite track to listen to when your mood needs picking up?

‘Waitin’ by Kelela always gives me energy when I need it. 

Female wearing blue shirt over a white vest and a denim cap sat smiling at the camera in the Reform Radio space.

Adele (she/her) – Reform Mentor

Where did your journey with Reform begin?

I had done a takeover show with my collective SHEwillprovide and was then working in radio as a breakfast show host. When I came to do the takeover, I knew that I wanted to work at Reform immediately and applied as soon as I saw a role come up.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Reform?

Favourite thing about being at Reform is the ability to meet all the amazing talented people that come through the doors in all forms, and being able to be surrounded by a hub of positivity towards creativity. What I love about my job is being able to see the journey of the people I work with and the growth of their time shared at Reform and outside.

What do you get up to outside of your work at Reform?

Outside of Reform, I am a DJ and also a part of a collective called SHEwillprovide. I also partake in social action and change work as a Youth Ambassador for YMCA England and Wales.

What’s your favourite track to listen to when your mood needs picking up?


Female in a graphic shirt stood smiling at the camera in the Reform Radio space.

Lola (she/her/they/them)– Reform Mentor

Where did your journey with Reform begin?

I was first introduced to Reform Radio in 2020 when I took part in their Soundcamp Bootcamp, which unfortunately got shut down when Covid struck. Even though Soundcamp got cancelled, I carried on creating. In lockdown, I had more time to intentionally create music and work towards completing a project and Reform really supported me from behind the scenes with this. Three years later, I saw they needed a new passionate team member and I jumped at the opportunity. I had to contribute to an organisation that supports its creatives in their community so well.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Reform?

My favourite thing about being part of the Reform team is the environment and people I work with. We always support each other so that the energy can be passed on to all who come through our doors. I love our culture of care and support, it makes it so easy to come in to work happy and leave happy.

What do you get up to outside of your work at Reform?

When I am not working at Reform Radio, I’m usually working on my own personal project as an independent artist, Renee Stormz. I perform around the city and collaborate with other artists who are on the vibe that I’m on.  My other hobbies include art, gaming, writing and playing basketball. 

What’s your favourite track to listen to when your mood needs picking up?

Choosing one track to pick my mood up is actually a really difficult question in a world full of soul-tantalising music. If I had to choose one off the top of my head, I would say either ‘Dollas and Cents’ by Tobi, or ‘Haile Supreme’ by Danjahrous. Listen to both and you decide which is best.

Male in black t shirt sat smiling at the camera in Reform Radio space.

Dan (he/him) – Well-being Manager

As Reform Radio’s Mental Health and Well-being Manager Dan is responsible for supporting the good mental health and well-being of our staff and the participants. This can include delivering interactive workshops, 1:1 check-ins, counselling, training, creating mental health content and much more. Dan works particularly closely with the Reform Radio Mentors, helping to ensure their mental health needs and the needs of the participants they work with are identified, and thus appropriate support can be offered. All Dan’s sessions are totally confidential and free to attend.

Where did your journey with Reform begin?

When the opportunity came up to apply to work for Reform Radio in 2019, I’d been practicing as a therapist for a number of years in an NHS eating disorder service, and was ready to diversify my work.  Reform Radio gave me the opportunity to apply my skills and experience in new ways. I was delivering more workshops, creative projects and working more flexibly with young people to support and expand understandings of good mental health for them and the staff working with them.

What’s your favourite thing about being part of Reform?

My favourite part of being Reform Radio’s Mental Health and Well-being Manager, is that I get to use my training as a psychotherapist in diverse, creative and innovative ways that I wouldn’t be able to in a regular 9-5 job as a therapist.

What do you get up to outside of your work at Reform?

Outside of Reform Radio I enjoy hanging out with my friends or partner, drawing, or making music.

What’s your favourite track to listen to when your mood needs picking up?

‘Romeo’ by Basement Jaxx.

Top left to top right – Autumn & Naomi, bottom left to bottom right – Tito & Alex

During your time at Reform, you are also likely to meet some of our lovely Creative Practitioners who deliver our creative courses and support our participants in sessions. Above, you can see Autumn (they/them), Naomi (she/her), Tito (she/her) and Alex (he/him), all of whom help make our combination of workshops run smoothly.

Employment and Pastoral Support

Alongside our skills development programmes at Reform, we also offer free employment and pastoral advice to all of our participants. From personal CV and job application support from our mentors, to having access to 1-2-1 appointments with our in-house psychotherapist and Well-being Manager, we are proud to assist individuals throughout their journeys with Reform.

A male participant and workshop facilitator with green hair in a black dress are sat chatting together.

For regular job and opportunities updates in the North West, head to our Opportunities page which outlines new paid, voluntary, funding and work experience roles every week. If you’re looking for local support organisations you can reach out to, head over to our Emergency Contacts page.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to find out more about our courses and projects, please reach out to our Engagement Team at

To keep up to date with what is going on at Reform, you can find us on social media here.

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